by Negative Standards

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Out June 2016 on Vendetta Records (Europe) and Negative Standards Records (US)


released June 17, 2016

Recorded by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios
Mastered by James Plotkin
Additional Noise by A.C. Way
Cover Illustration by Reuben Sawyer



all rights reserved


Negative Standards Oakland, California

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Track Name: XIV
the infinite, space occupied
concrete limbs dragged across the floor
route, routine, a wealth betrayed
roles failed, played, quartered, jockeyed
closed eyes and burning fires
thickened blood and expiration
branded to shape
fired clay from a four-part mold

the snowflake, the wildflower and the grain of sand, ice, scent, and grit
beauty, sense, and decay in mathematical precision
as the great cycles grind on, interminable examination
validity in the meaning of meaning, the choices left unmade

light the wick, stare inside
light the fuse, watch the flash
molecules in a steady march towards deconstruction

reflections of emotions
elicit the triggered response
blind to the bend in the mirror
distort, refract, enprismed glare

disease at the depths
backwards glances finding no return
refuge taken in hollow graves of craving
chimerical host, the proof of burden
condemned to indulgence a clerical reverie
Track Name: XVI
a docile transference
bottled rage for injustice
sold in pamphlets and thirty-second spots
flows diverted to pacify passion
myopic horror, the demand for absolution

guilt begets anger, blame begets exhaustion begets excuses
framed action and images, an archival motion
the vain allure of life unstained

smug carts and cabinets to shift the view away
renewed plastic conviction, taken to the edge of comfort and not a step beyond
repeating refrains of jingled melodies to program the gray
Track Name: XVII
contrasting scars youthful folly
slipping into the haze of earthly delights

drop the canon, hold up the bar
privileged ignorance
the velvet grip of excess
anaesthetized coping reflex

lizard against primate against the future
corners shaved in narrow slices
year by year, day by day, hour by hour
form follows behavior follows thought

blaze to bleak to bland
birth to death, to fight
settled night, settled breath
flames to embers to rot
Track Name: XVIII
chattering heads
clattering stones
a sick sense of pride
old major to napoleon

the vertigo of pyramid schema
an acolyte’s kiss
equal, more equal, most equal, greater than
face to name, to cause, to power

clamoring for ballast
clinging to luster
externalized immaculate
the amber crest of justification

whitewash these towering walls
twisted obligator’s grin
clean the truth from beyond your teeth
chasing down the wolves

blurring visage to take in the end
bearing weight on lines of fault
to slip, to fold, to yield

ambassadors to the reliquary
rehearsing bureaucratic visions
writ of passage, sanctions preordained
the pillar’s shadow to the horizon
Track Name: XX
waking to the world each day as a dream
avaricious heralds in flight
drowning in an eternal present
the strain of exile

in this lust for new worlds
a latent cult of death
clutching hands on the threshold
sands between the folds
lean to the root, standing reserved
cement and steel chained to stone
discorporate grasping crosshairs on the abyss
debris and rust, rival mirage

upward eyes to the dawn
swimming through the open air
dominion out of time

starlight leads the way
the sacred bliss
swirling eddies of language
block out the sun
Track Name: XXI
choose your dustbin
faith bared
barren accolades
games of string and chance

brief echoes fade in empty chambers
the facile banners
contracted frame, annular conceit

specious infamy outstripped from within

fleeting auspices yield to hallowed repose
flirting glimpses marking a fertile hubris

shattered needs, rendered wants
all prey to the vulture within
stolen heat, squandered hope
all prey to the vulture within

how often a forced smile betrays some hidden wound
Track Name: XXII
"it is necessary to whip and to prod life; otherwise it gets rusty and fouled with banality."
—the confessions of wanda von sacher-masoch

burn the refuse
ashes set to wind
charting the terrain
of collective failings

dissociation as survival
banging heads against the grain

inert cinder mask
knowing smirk seared in blighted facades
another void martyr

fingerprints on broken handles
cleaving meat from bone
another haggard footfall

wallowing, decay, crumbling, collapse
Track Name: XXIII
reliqua desiderantur