Dear brother, this is not a game. This is not for your survival. You have never seemed younger than you do in this moment. Fragility, a softness, a silence hangs over this table. We may never sit here again. This division gaping wide, it threatens to swallow us whole. This is not a choice to be made lightly. We are not at war with an enemy of caliber. Your home has not been invaded. Your way of life has not been threatened. You’ve chosen willfully to kill for a system that exploits. You’ve chosen willfully to kill for a model based in fear. Your choice has many costs; I am but the cheapest. Are you prepared for what awaits you? Do you understand the realities of war? Do you know what you’re fighting for? A legacy of hatred from every corner of the world is contained in those bars on your shoulder. You’ll earn your own.


from I​-​V, released November 26, 2010



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Negative Standards Oakland, California

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