lining up at the trough. ritual begins another week anew. consume, always on bended knee. familiar organ strains lead the call to normalcy, to dependence, to solace. guiding hands lead to the coffers, flowing robes point to salvation. ritual begins another life anew. anoint and teach the ways of the shepherded. solemn statues, granite forms of faith mark the holes where we’ve left our pasts. a ritual of ashes and dust to encompass the final stage. one door slams shut, a window cracks, fracturing the view, a blinding prism. a bitter pill placed on dry tongues, no saliva to swallow, no will to ingest. another fable to comfort the weary, another myth for those left behind. a perfect diamond placed out of reach, carrots dangled to follow the path. on knee and palm to earn rewards, on long-vowed words the faith is lain. storm winds blow, we search for safe harbor. hail begins to fall, run for shelter. hunger gnaws, yearn for banquet. the pain comes, reach for a hand.


from VI​-​XI, released May 5, 2012



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Negative Standards Oakland, California

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