bars, mud and cement
the hand that feeds is a plastic tube
snaking through the bars of a cage
reconstituted corn and poison
leaching hormones
breeding stock
move down the line
limited movement, limited variance
projected profits, extracted, accumulated
freedom from choice makes the best cuts
a cold efficiency
sterile halls weathered stainless
falling in line
value in pain and pressure
every step forward has a higher price, a higher cost
birth, selection
artificial light
husked and pitted
cloned and colored
cleaned and cured
and fed to the pigs
fed again to the pigs
get back in line
consumption as world and will
forgone conclusion, mute selection
hues cycled into primary colors
basic shapes basic death
towing the line


from Negative Standards​/​Whitehorse, released October 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Negative Standards Oakland, California

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